New Year's Resolution Ideas That Make a Difference

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The New Year is a beautiful time. It's a time for growth. It's a time for renewal. And it's a time for change. If you're looking for exciting New Year's resolution ideas that get you fired up to tackle 2019, we've got your back.

Equality Vodka exists purely for the purpose of affecting change. During this special time of year when we all look within ourselves to muster our strength and courage, while looking outside of ourselves for where we can make the biggest difference, we're here to help you find the best New Years resolution ideas to achieve your goals.

Equality Vodka 2019 New Year's resolution ideas

New Year's Resolution Ideas

While setting resolutions like quitting smoking and losing weight are absolutely important for being a healthier individual, this is also an opportunity to set New Year's resolutions that affect the community at large.

Such as...

Resolution #1: Volunteer Your Time

Topping our list of the best New Year's resolution ideas is the resolution to volunteer your time throughout the year. By giving a couple hours of your time each month to an LGBT organization championing the right to equality, you can have a first-hand impact on bridging the LGBT equal rights gap.

There are countless LGBT organizations around the country that would love to have your support. Whether you identify as LGBT or you're an LGBT ally, your time and contribution is a valuable asset in our mission for equal rights.

Equality Vodka 2019 New Year's resolution ideas

A perfect, socially conscious New Year's resolution would be to donate at least 3 hours of your time to one LGBT organization each month. You can contribute your skills, volunteer to collect donations for a fundraiser, or organize and awareness event.

Any volunteer efforts are noble and endlessly valuable to those you support. Follow your heart and revel in the fact that your resolutions are revolutionary.

Resolution #2: Reach Out to a Troubled Friend

Individuals who identify as LGBT are far more likely than heterosexual, cisgender individuals to go through social isolation, identity crises, and mental health struggles.

In honor of the brave men and women who fight the battle of finding their place in the world every day, reach out to someone in your life who may be troubled. Whether he or she is gay, lesbian, straight, or whatever, your pledge to reach out to a lonely, struggling soul sets an example for the community at large.

We can all afford to be a bit more compassionate to one another. We can all afford to see a problem from another person's perspective and lend a supportive shoulder. We can all afford to help each other and prop each other up as we strive for a stronger, more equal society.

Resolution #3: Speak Out

It takes courage to share your opinions in this day and age. Social media moves a mile a minute and reaches people from all walks of life – some of whom may not agree with you and may be vocal about it.

But sharing your opinions and expressing what you stand for also inspires others to be brave enough to be themselves. Your declaration that you support LGBT organizations and the individuals they help can go a long way toward encouraging others to speak out, as well.

If you're looking for New Year's resolution ideas that will affect change, this is one of the most powerful you can choose. When we all stand up and join our voices together, we can move mountains.

What New Year's resolution ideas have you come up with so far this year? Unlike wishes from a genie, there's no limit to how many you can have.

Tell us about your resolutions in the comments below! Then share this article on social media and stay accountable all year through.