LGBT Organizations Fighting for the Right to Equality

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Every year, Equality Vodka supports dozens of LGBT organizations fighting for the right to equality. We are truly honored to be a part of the movements these organizations are creating and to support all members of the LGBT community every day.

In this joyous season of celebration, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate three LGBT organizations in particular that have made transformative strides in the fight for equal rights in 2018.

The Equality Alliance – Austin, Texas

Equality Vodka supports The Equality Alliance in the fight for the right to equality

For the passionate men and women at The Equality Alliance, there are no labels. Each individual is simply celebrated for his or her own unique cocktail of traits, talents, and quirks.

Rather than fighting for "gay marriage," The Equality Alliance sees their mission as fighting for marriage for all. In their fight for the right to equality, The Equality Alliance has extended their umbrella of support to include a diverse collection of equality-minded non-profit organizations.

At The Equality Alliance's annual Gala, "Unite the Fight," the organization brings together local LGBT charities to collaborate, fundraise, and celebrate the right to equality.

If you live in the Austin area and would like to get involved with The Equality Alliance directly, get in touch with them here. You can also support their noble work by donating to support community change.

Lambda Legal – Dallas, Texas

Equality Vodka supports Lambda Legal in the fight for the right to equality

Since 1973, Lambda Legal has been fighting for the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender individuals, and everyone living with HIV. The legal organization offers their litigation, education, and public policy services to the community in the hopes of making the right to equality a reality for everyone.

From protecting American's right to the freedom to marry to securing parent-child relationships, Lambda Legal has helped keep families together while educating the public about the very real, emotional toil inequality takes on us all.

Lambda Legal in Dallas, Texas is an all-inclusive organization that invites allies and members of the LGBT community to get involved in the fight for change.

Aids Assistance Program: Food Samaritans – Palm Springs, California

Equality Vodka supports AAP Food Samaritans in the fight for the right to equality

Originally founded as the AIDS Assistance Program in 1991, the AAP Food Samaritans organization recognized a unique and pressing need affecting individuals suffering from HIV and AIDS: lack of resource and access to proper nutrition.

Trailblazers Gloria Green and Jeannette Rockefeller began a mission to distribute monthly food vouchers to those most at-risk and in need of nourishment. Today, AAP Food Samaritans has distributed more than $10 million in direct client service to more than 2,300 clients living with these devastating chronic illnesses.

If you or someone you know in Palm Springs or the Coachella Valley area are in need of support, please reach out to the caring individuals at AAP Food Samaritans. To support the organization's initiatives, visit their website to find out how you can help a soul in need.

Fighting for the Right to Equality

These three organizations are leaders in the fight for equal rights. Their work inspires us everyday and serves as a model for other organizations doing good works to support LGBT rights.

In 2018, Equality Vodka also supported several additional organizations through sponsorships, cash donations, or product donations. These selfless groups have dedicated their time and resources to fighting for those who battle inequality every day. We would like to honorably mention all of our partners, including:

  • Los Angeles LGBT Center
  • Dallas Resource Center
  • Lambda Legal Women’s Event
  • HRC Federal Club
  • HRC National Dinner
  • Black Tie Dinner
  • The Gay & Lesbian Fund
  • SPCA Project Ruffway
  • Dallas Red Foundation
  • Dallas Tavern Guild
  • Equality Texas
  • No Tie Dinner
  • SAAF- San Antonio Aids Foundation
  • Legacy Counseling Center
  • AIDS Arms
  • AIDS Services of Dallas
  • AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN)
  • Great Gatsby Gala
  • South Dallas AIDS walk
  • Dallas Life Walk
  • Thrive Event
  • GLBT Chamber Gala
  • GLBT Chamber events
  • GLBT  Halloween Spooktacular
  • The Equality Alliance
  • The Center in Asbury Park

These organizations show that change is possible. Red state or blue, young or old, LGBT or ally, we can all come together to fight for the right to equality.

Would you like to recognize an LGBT organization that is doing good work to make equality a reality for all? If so, we would love to hear about them. Give a shoutout in the comments below.