Relationship Goals: Celebrating Valentine's Day with the Hottest LGBT Couples

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Beyoncé and Jay Z aren't the only celebs worth following obsessively on Instagram. In fact, many of the LGBT couples on this list top the charts as some of the most well-known, sizzlin' hot couples today!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner (pssst... it's on the 14th! You're welcome!), we're doing celebratory happy dances in honor of some of the brave LGBT couples who have showcased their love to the world.

It takes a special person and an incredibly strong couple to come out publicly as an LGBT couple. Thanks to their examples, more and more couples are stepping out of the shadows and celebrate their love with pride.

So get up and celebrate! while we dish about these delicious celeb LGBT couples.

Simon Doonan & Jonathan Adler

Simon Doonan is the mastermind behind the notoriously stunning windows at Barneys stores in New York City. His husband, Jonathan Adler, is a New Jersey native and a boss designer who specializes in everything from pottery to entire spaces – like the Parker Palm Springs hotel in California.

Equality Vodka LGBT Couples

After meeting on a blind date 23 years ago, the two quickly bonded over their shared eccentricity.

Despite being 14 years apart in age and preferring very different media for their creative outlets (Simon prefers uptown style whereas Jonathan doesn't mind getting messy with clay and paint), the two found that they had all the right things in common.

As the two have grown together as a couple, they've also supported one another in their artistic pursuits. Simon and Jonathan truly embody a modern "happily ever after" story.

Gigi Gorgeous & Nats Getty

Gigi and Nats represent an incredible journey of transformation, personal identity, and joy. Born biologically male, Gigi Gorgeous came out as transgender in 2013. Though she faced discrimination, Gigi was determined to remain public throughout her transformation to inspire others to embrace who they truly are on the inside.

Once she was finally able to experience the woman that she was, Gigi Gorgeous was able to get in touch with her sexual identity and came out as lesbian. After meeting Nats Getty, the heiress to the Getty oil fortune, the two couldn't get enough of each other.

Their adorable PDA personified a new era of love and romance, culminating in a breathtaking Parisian proposal last year.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this forward-thinking fab duo.

Equality Vodka LGBT Couples

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent

Family rights are still a few eons behind for LGBT couples, unfortunately. But thanks to couples like Nate and Jeremiah, the public is getting to know just how special and rewarding a same-sex parent household can be.

The two not only share a love for design, a hit TLC show, and a gorgeous, drool-worthy home in Los Angeles, but also they share the responsibility of parenting their two adorable children, Poppy and Oskar.

After tying the knot in the stunning New York Public Library (swooooooon!) with Sheri Salata as their officiant, Nate and Jeremiah began building a budding family. Strong advocates for surrogacy and alternative family methods, Nate and Jeremiah are paving the way for more open dialogs to take place regarding same-sex parenthood and how to talk to children about how they came to be.

Ellen & Portia

These ladies are so fabulous, they've entered the elite club of "first name only" (watch out, Cher). Ellen and Portia are, in no uncertain terms, a power entertainment couple. Ellen, the queen of comedy and a lovable television host, complements her actress/model/philanthropist wife, Portia, to a 'T.'

While it seems like there was never a time when Ellen wasn't known as a proud, openly-lesbian star, Portia's path to self-acceptance was a bit rockier. From 1996 to 1999, Portia was married to Mel Metcalfe, a documentary film maker. She struggled for years knowing that a heterosexual relationship wasn't right for her.

It wasn't until 2005 that Portia – then 32 years old – came out publicly as lesbian. She and Ellen have been together since 2004 and have been America's most adored lesbian couple ever since.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

From How I Met Your Mother to Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Neil Patrick Harris shines on any size screen. But there's an entirely different glow about him when he looks at his husband, David Burtka.

The handsome duo first met in 2004. The usually charismatic Neil Patrick Harris says he was so mesmerized by David that he "just stammered around him." Never satisfied with the "status quo," Burtka and Harris each proposed to one another - a year apart!

Equality Vodka LGBT Couples

Long after Harris's Valentine's Day proposal in 2008, the couple married in Italy in 2014.

Today, Neil and David share more than just the adoration of straight and LGBT couples everywhere; they also share a love for movies, entertaining, and - of course - their two children.

Christian Fuscarino & Aaron Williams

While you may not have heard of this couple in People magazine, they're celebrities in our eyes.

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, Christian Fuscarino (of Garden State Equality) and Aaron Williams exchanged wedding vows in Ashbury Park, New Jersey. Prior to February 2007, this beautiful union never would have been possible for Christian and Aaron, or other New Jersey LGBT couples.

Thanks to the advocacy and demand for equality from the passionate people at Garden State Equality and other organizations, LGBT couples are able to celebrate their love in increasing numbers of states.

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