The Same-Sex Couples Who Light Up Our Favorite TV Shows

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If you're a sucker for romantic TV shows and movies, you're not alone. Thanks to the wonder of Netflix and all things streaming, new binge-worthy productions are popping up everyday.

Whether it's a rom-com, thriller, or documentary, no show is complete without a little romance. Heterosexual couples have been the norm on TV and in movies for decades, but Hollywood is finally starting to loop same-sex couples into mainstream entertainment – and we think it's about damn time!

You'd be hard pressed to find an American who doesn't know someone who identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender; so featuring LGBT relationships in media should be a natural occurrence, right?

Equality Vodka Same-Sex Couples on TV and Movies

Well, fellow film fanatic, grab your popcorn and let's dish about the awwww-worthy same-sex couples and LGBT characters in the hottest hits.

American Horror Story: Cult

It feels like just yesterday when the first season of American Horror Story became our obsession. Now on its 8th season (gasp!), we're convinced the show's producers are conspiring to create their own cult following.... and we're not complaining.

In the show's addicting seventh season, Cult, we meet Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards. Not only are these lesbian wives the main characters in the show, but also American Horror Story portrays the reality of family life as they mother their son, Ozzy.

Of course, with a show title like American Horror Story: Cult, it's no surprise that their relationship isn't exactly the epitome of health, but we're thrilled to see a same-sex couple in the spotlight in one of the nation's most popular series.

Nicely done, Ryan Murphy. Nicely done.

Modern Family

If there was a "Most Charming Couple" award at the Emmy's, Mitchell Pritchett + Cameron Tucker of Modern Family would win by a landslide. Their humorous chemistry is an irreplaceable element in the fan-favorite show.

Not only are they an adorable couple, but also they're amazing parents to their on-screen daughter, Lily. Modern Family sheds light on the very real and timely issue of LGBT couples' rights as parents, all while framing relatable situations in the context of endearing humor.

With some of television's most hysterical moments, we are so in love with these two. As a TV audience, we tend to like characters we can relate to and connect with. No wonder Mitch + Cam are so magnetic!

Star Trek Beyond

Whoever said sci-fi characters can't be queer needs to sit the hell down. Star Trek is a legendary sci-fi franchise and the latest film has taken a giant leap in the right direction.

An all heterosexual cast simply isn't realistic – let alone futuristic. Thanks to J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin, the show's producer and director, respectively, Star Trek Beyond settles several decades-long rumors about Hikaru Sulu's sexuality.

In the film, Sulu is reunited with his family and we see him running into the arms of his daughter and husband. It's a powerful scene in Star Trek history that comes with a natural, heart-warming aura.

Unfortunately, a kiss between Sulu and his husband was cut from the film before the premiere leaving us and John Cho, the actor who played Sulu, outraged. However, the latest Star Trek iteration – a TV show called Star Trek: Discovery – dives deeper into the personal lives of our favorite Trekkie characters, including Lt. Stamets, the show's first openly gay character.

These sci-fi hits remind us that heroes – both in fiction and real life – come in all shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations. We can surely expect some on-screen romance from Sulu and his husband in the inevitable sequel of Star Trek Beyond.

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Ryan Murphy just can't stop giving us gold. The latest anthology of American Crime Story is The Assassination of Gianni Versace, a show filled with chilling murder mystery drama. Viewers enter the mind of a serial killer, Andrew Cunanan, and follow along an eerie trail that leads up to the heart-pounding murder of Mr. Versace.

Throughout the provocative and intriguing show, we get a peek into the love that Gianni Versace + Antonio D'Amico shared in real life. Sadly, Gianni Versace's life was ended prematurely by a serial killer targeting high-profile, closeted homosexual men.

Equality Vodka Same-Sex Couples on TV and Movies

The power of American Crime Story is the willingness to shed light on crimes that are caused by societal issues. The show's creators say The Assassination of Gianni Versace is an exploration of "the politics of homosexuality as they played across American in the 1990s."

The Future of Same-Sex Couples on Screen

Historically, same-sex couples rarely appeared in movies and television shows. Gradually, LGBT romances began to appear in the periphery, taking a back-seat to the heterosexual relationships on center stage. Now, we're finally beginning to see same-sex couples as the focal point of not just independent films, but also mainstream, nationally available hits.

Producers like Judd Apatow and directors like Nicholas Stoller are making massive efforts to make on-screen portrayals match the reality of daily life. Everyone knows someone who identifies as LGBT, so our cinematic works should equally represent the population. Apatow and Stoller are currently working on a romantic comedy that highlights two men in a complicated relationship.

Who are your favorite on-screen same-sex couples? Share your show and movie recommendations with us in the comments below!